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Second AmendmentHere, are just a few cases where being armed saved lives.

1. This is a sad case and entirely unnecessary as no children should be left alone.  But, only God know what would happen if a firearm wasn’t present.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A child shot a teen that was trying to break into a home in north St. Louis County. Police say the 11-year-old shooter fired one round from a handgun and killed the 16-year-old suspect. The shooting happened in the 10200 block of Hallwood drive. Credits: 11-year-old shoots and kills home intruder in north St. Louis County

2.  Some Good News-He should have never been prosecuted in the first place.  But, justice did prevail.

A NEVADA MAN who was accused of murder after confronting two unarmed trespassers with a deadly barrage of gunfire at a vacant duplex he owns was found not guilty yesterday of all charges in the latest case to test the boundaries of stand-your-ground self-defence laws.

Wayne Burgarello, 74, a retired Sparks school teacher, insisted he was acting in self-defence in February 2014 when he shot and killed Cody Devine and seriously wounded Janai Wilson.

A jury in Reno deliberated for six hours before finding him not guilty. 

 Credits: Elderly man cleared of shooting two intruders, killing one

3.  Common sense prevailed-

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office has ruled the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Kenneth Whatley as justifiable self-defense.

29-year-old Kenneth Whatley of Milwaukee was fatally shot in the neighborhood near 37th and Villard just after midnight Saturday, March 21s 

Credits: Fatal shooting outside “C-Notes Sports Lounge” ruled justified self

 4.  Thugs probably thought they had an easy target. .

Authorities say no charges are expected in the shooting deaths of two suspects killed during what police say was an attempt to rob an eastern Pennsylvania convenience store.

Reading police said they responded to Latino’s Meat Market at about 11 p.m. Saturday and found one man dead at the scene. The other was taken to Reading Hospital, where he died.

Investigators said three masked men entered the store, one armed with a pistol that he fired and another with a stun gun. Police said the employees pulled weapons and fired, hitting two of the men. The third grabbed cash from the register and fled. Credits: Two men shot, killed during armed robbery – WGAL Lancaster

Huh.   I thought they said that guns didn’t save lives?  And there are many more instances where the mere presence of a gun scared a criminal away.