Krav Maga, an Israeli self defense means “close struggle” in Hebrew.  Emerich “Imi” Lichtenfled developed this fighting style during What is Krav Maga Follow Me on Pinterest WWII in response to increase anti Semitism.  It was designed purely for hand-to-hand combat to be used in a kill or be killed situation.  So, there is not a sports aspect of Krav Maga.  Their aint no rules in combat.  As a result it is the most realistic form of hand-to-hand-combat around. For example, Krav Maga’s website lists these following principles:  1. Krav Maga has no rules.  2. Utilize your bodies’ natural weapons (I.E your elbow) and any inanimate objects that you may have at hand.  3. Take advantage of your attacker’s naturally sensitive body areas. 4. You should finish either your attack or defense as soon as possible. 5. Avoid bodily injury. 5. Training drills should be designed to help you develop your body’s natural reflexes. A 2008 article in Black Belt Magazine lists ten tenets of this martial art:

  1. Training should be realistic as possible.
  2. You should think about attacking your attacker multiple times and using whether weapons you may have.
  3. There are no rules in Krav Maga. So, if it’s needed fight dirty.
  4. You should prepare for fighting even when you are trying to talk your way out of confrontation.
  5. Leave the fight area ASAP.
  6. Remember that you are fighting for your life.
  7. Avoid confrontation whenever possible. (This is perhaps the most important)
  8. Don’t voluntarily go to the ground.
  9. Reactions only take a second.
  10. If you land up on the ground, you need to get to your feet ASAP.

Below are several principals, which will better explain Krav Maga’s philosophy.

Principal #1

Don’t Fight Your Natural Instincts

     Krav Maga takes advantage of natural reactions that people exhibit when attacked.  So, instead of fighting your natural reactions you’ll use them to your advantage. For example, if you are being choked in front you’ll most likely grab the attacker’s hands and try to stop him from choking you. Krav Maga teaches you to defend a front choke by reaching up towards the hands of the attacker, grabbing the hands, and forcing the hands down and away from your neck. Afterwards, you will then finish him with a series of deadly, incapacitating, blows.

Principle # 2


     Under Krav Maga you only need to learn around two to three basic techniques. These techniques then can be used against hundred of attacks. Furthermore, to use these techniques you don’t need superhuman strength, cheetah like speed or to be a professional athlete. The techniques are based upon your natural reactions. So, they are not hard to learn as your body already instinctually reacts this way.

Principle #3

Problem Solving

     Krav Maga’s, students regardless of experience, are taught identical techniques.  This means that a white belt will learn the same skills as a black belt. However, more advanced practitioners encounter different and varied situations where basic techniques won’t work. Krav Maga teaches students to adapt to these various situations that may come up by teaching them to solve problems. And this problem solving instruction results in a practitioner being less likely to panic when conditions change in combat.  Furthermore, Krav Maga teaching allows you to identify changes and gives you the tools to adapt to those changes.


     Krav Maga may the best form of realistic self defense as it is simple, practical and also a great work out.  Additionally,  it is battle proven as the Israeli armed forces have used it since 1948.  So, if possible I recommend that you learn Krav Maga.  But, if you are looking to compete this martial art is not for you.  Here, is a link for local training centers: Click Here.