Other than air and perhaps shelter (in bad weather) CLEAN water is most important thing needed for survival.  Clean water can be hard to get even if you are in the wilderness.  Some stream water has microrganisms that can at best give you dysentary and at worst kill you.  Iodine tablets are a must have.  But, if you forget them or you don’t have a water container with you, you’ll need to have an alterntive source for gathering clean water.   The LifeStraw, by Survival Frog, is a great way to get guaranteed clean water. Below is a description of this great portable water purifier.  I highy reccomend that you take a look below and go check it out.   Also, if you buy it you’ll get paracord grenede survival kit with your order for FREE.

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We’ve taken this amazing survival tool and just made it better. When you get more than 1, we also include the popular Paracord Grenade for free.

Incredibly, the LifeStraw filters 1,000 liters of water while removing 99.9% of bacteria and parasites. It can be reused and stores easily in backpacks or go bags.

Be sure to see our “4 Steps in using LifeStraw” on the next page. This deal won’t last long, so go check it out while we’re still including the Paracord Grenade.

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PS: TIME Magazine awarded this product it’s “Invention of the Year” award. Go checkout the LifeStraw to see what all the buzz is about.