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The Prepper Stereotype

The prepper community is almost always portrayed negatively in modern day society.   At best preppers are portrayed as being tin-hat foil wearing eccentrics. And at worst preppers are portrayed like the Unabomber.  However,  the excellent blog Survival Kit’s article shows that, for most preppers, these above stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth as most preppers prepare for realistic real-world situations.

As an example, most preppers don’t stockpile food for an impending apocalypse as most preppers concentrate their efforts for real world, realistic, Sdisasters.

While contending with extreme or apocalyptic survival situations makes for great television, the growing prepper community is more-focused on emergencies and crises that are less-catastrophic.  Things like going a few days without power or not being able to get gas or food at the supermarket following an emergency are things that are at the forefront of the minds of people these days, and they’re prepping accordingly. Research Suggests that Preppers Aren’t that Crazy. Really. –


I agree wholeheartedly with this article as survivalist/preppers should be mainstream.  Simply put, disaster prep is the right thing to do and if you have a family it is your morale duty to prepare for disaster.  So, prep away and screw anyone who thinks you are crazy for preparing for disaster.

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