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Gun Enthusiasts Unwanted On Youtube

On October 1, 2017, 58 people were killed, and 413 wounded in Las Vegas in the deadliest mass shooting that ever happened in the United States. The shooting occurred at the Route 91 Harvest music festival, at Mandalay Bay Hotel, on the Las Vegas strip.  The shooter fired over 1,000 rounds, using bump stocks,  into the crowd from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, Hotel.  One result of this shooting was that bump stocks were banned, and also YouTube changed its policy concerning firearms videos. 

YouTube Policy Change

In April 2018, in response to the horrific Vegas shooting, YouTube banned firearm videos, which did the following (Read YouTube’s official policy here)

  • Help private individuals sell firearms and gun accessories (convert firearms to auto, accessories allowing magazines to carry more than 30-rounds, bump stocks)
  • Any instruction on how to make guns, high-capacity magazines, DIY silencers, how to convert a rifle to automatic, etc.)

YouTubes change in policy, of severely restricting firearm videos, brought a void for gun enthusiasts video publishers, and who wanted to post firearm videos.   However, three video websites saw the opportunity and decided to cater to the gun community.    The three websites are listed below.


Surprisingly, Pornhub was one avenue where the banned videos were posted.   However, morals aside, Pornhub is not a good solution as the firearm videos aren’t separated from Porhnub’s standard, pornographic videos.

Gun Streamer

Gunstreamer Screen Shot

Gunstreamer is the closest YouTube alternative for firearm enthusiasts where users can post anything related to firearms or other weapons.  GunStreamer supports the following videos: guns, archery, survival, outdoor survival, reloading, knives, and prepping. Their only restrictions are that the content must be legal and that no nudity is allowed.



Full30 also allows for users to upload, firearm-related videos.  However, they also feature videos that are exclusive to Full30.  Full30 focuses on long guns, handguns, firearm accessories, hunting, and even survivalist/prepper videos.  Full30 also has a forum where, worldwide, gun owners meet and share their viewpoints.   Full30 videos, as they have exclusive content, tend to be a bit more polished.

Gunstreamer or  Full30

First of all, you can be active on both websites, and support both Gunstreamer and Full30, companies that fully support the 2nd Amendment.Other than the forum  and exclusive content of Full30,  Gunstreamer and Full30 are pretty much the same as they all allow the user to upload firearms and firearm-related videos.   The only difference is that Full30 has a forum, and you can find exclusive content on Full30.  But, there are plenty of other firearm forums.  So, to me, an online forum isn’t that big of a selling point. So, I would advise you to check out both and frequent the one that you like best.   Also, it’ll bring good karma to support companies that fully support the 2nd Amendment.