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thefirearmblog.comWith the summer months approaching many women will be wanting to wear comfortable clothing, like shorts, skirts, etc.  As a result, if you have a CCW permit, you don’t have much room to hide a side arm.  That’s why this purse, by Cyndees is a great find.  This review, for this new CCW purse, is from The Fire Arm Blog.

All of the ambidextrous concealed carry purses are made in the USA and include locking zippers, a custom holster system, and coin marker. The coin marker is to let the customer know immediately when she picks up the purse (by tactile contact) which side the muzzle of the firearm is pointing. Cyndees Conceal Carry Purses – The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog

The coin marker feature makes me tend to believe that Cyndees cares about details, which, is always a good sign. Click the link above to read the full review.