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      practical real self defense trainingThis movie is definitely old school, as I believe it was made in either the 50s or early 60s. Even so, this is a great video detailing real FBI self defense training techniques. Watching this video will not train you to be an MMA fighter.  However, the majority of the self defense moves illustrated in his movie are relatively easy to do, and you can stop someone twice your size by using these tips.

This movie shows cases the following:

Vulnerable Body Parts-though illustration on a live mode this video will show you the following:

  1. Naturally vulnerable areas of the body that if properly struck can inflict severe pain, knock someone out and potentially kill them. Some of these body areas are your lips, bridge and base of your nose and your chin.
  2. The direct spot on an attackers’ throat that can easily disable a mugger.
  3. The perfect spot to hit someone in solar plexus, abdomen, liver, kidney, heart and the spine.
  4. Proper way to either kick or hit someone in their legs and/or feet that can easily disable your attacker.
  5. A place on the side of the head that if hit most certainly stop your foe in his tracks.

It also shows advanced  self defense moves:

  1. You’ll learn how balance and proper foot positioning can help you increase your speed and improve accuracy.
  2. It illustrates how body leverage can help you defeat a stronger and bigger enemy.
  3. The proper way to do a hip throw.
  4. A demonstration of how you can use your enemies’ momentum and strength against them.
  5. The correct way to disarm a club, knife or gun wielding enemy.

     This move has a great point emphasized at the end that training and practice are the optimum way to learn how to best protect yourself and your family.  And it emphasizes that, unlike other areas in life; experience is not the best way to learn self defense.  Because any hostile encounter that you may have could be your last.