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The Pet 72 Hour Bag

Simply put, pets are family and since you wouldn’t abandon your family if times of disaster you need to include your furry family member in your disaster preparation plan.  Previously,  I  introduced the reader of Living Dead Prepper to some great resources for disaster prep for helping you include your pets in your disaster preparedness.   This article, by the ASPCA is one such article. However, when it comes to your pets, their can never be too much good information concerning your pets welfare.   That is why I decided to share this great infographic from  from the

Their are countless infographs on assembling a bug out bag.  But, I personally haven’t seen any infographics that specifically deal with pets.  That is why I was especially glad to see this “Emergency Preparedness, Checklist for Pets.”   All you need to do is assemble the items on the checklist, put them in a box or duffel bag and you’re ready to go.  Also, as it was derived from the info is top-notch.

Disaster Preparedness for Pets Source: