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1% Prepping Phenomenon

Preppers are often stereotyped as being anti-social loners hillbillies and of average financial status who sacrifice financially for disaster preparedness.   However, as with most stereotypes, this assumption is quite wrong as many of so-called “1%” are now prepping.  And, many are going all out by moving to New Zealand.    Click the Twitter embed below for the article and my insights are below.





New Zealand, as reported by Bloomberg News and other news outlets, has become the trendy place for the 1%, preppers. These , elite preppers are primarilly executives from Silicon Valley.    This makes sense and New Zealand population is sparse and it’s highly unlikely that they would be a target of nuclear bombs or other forms of mass destruction.

More recently, some Silicon Valley doomsday preppers have begun building elaborate bunkers in New Zealand, an island that’s desirable for its lax regulations, remote location and status as a neutral territory in the event of world war. Tech billionaires are buying doomsday bunkers in New Zealand | Big Think

This trend is being fueled by businessman who are manufacturing bunkers at a per person price or individuals.  The prices range from 35k to 8 million.

It’s become something of an industry. Some bunkers are reported to fit 300 people, costing about $35,000 a head. But other bunkers, which are constructed in the U.S. and shipped to New Zealand to be buried secretly, without a trace, can cost up to $8 million. Tech billionaires are buying doomsday bunkers in New Zealand | Big Think

However, I am afraid you missed the boat as foreigners are no longer able to buy homes in New Zealand.

But New Zealand might soon be a less viable option for wealthy doomsday preppers. In August, the government passed a law banning the sale of homes to non-residents, meaning anyone looking to ride out Armageddon on the island of 4.8 million people would need to first obtain citizenship. Tech billionaires are buying doomsday bunkers in New Zealand | Big Think


New Zealand is is a 13 hour flight from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand.  So,  unless you have ample notice that a disaster is going to happen or you live in New Zealand you would likely never make it to your bunker if the SHTF.  However, this trend goes to show that even the, so-called, elite members of society recognize that something bad maybe on the horizon.  So, it best the question:

“Do they know something that we don’t?”

What do you think?