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Planning Your Square Space, Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Gardening can be intimidating for many preppers or some in the prepper community may feel that gardening is a waste of time when you are able to buy all of your emergency food supplies at major stores from Walmart to Costco. This is a shame because Gardening is a fun hobby and a great supplement to your emergency food supplies and emergency caches.   Gardening, although it can be challenging, is a good skill to learn. And, if a SHTF situation occurs, you won’t be able to get new long-term food supplies at your local Walmart.

Granted, gardening can be complicated. But, with practice, you’ll be a green thumb in no time.  This infographic from Pinterest  is from the excellent website A Burst of Beautiful.  It is an excellent resource for the often overlooked factor of how many plants should be planted per square feet.  Also, this cheat sheet was designed explicitly for a raised bed, square foot space garden.