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Top Home Defense Weapons

Breitbart reviews seven top firearms geared for concealed carry and home defense.   According to the article, five of these guns are new, and the other two are recently revamped classics.  All of the CCW weapons featured have a manufactured suggested retail price of less than $600.
One criticism of this article though is that only two out of the seven guns mentioned are for home defense and all of the home defense firearms are pistols. These guns were discovered at the Shot Show.   The Shot Show occurred on  January 23-26th, 2018 and it is the annual National Shooting Sports Foundation’s annual convention.

One of the revamped CCW pistols is the Walther PPS M2:

Walther PPS M2–The PPS M2 is not new to the gun community, but it is included in this list because it is a dependable, accurate firearm which caught our attention at SHOT Show. It is a pistol that is perfectly suited for daily carry. The pistol’s grip features a “non-slip, cross-directional” surface that inspires confidence and the sights are large enough to aid in target acquisition, but small enough to prevent the gun from getting snagged if being drawn under duress. The PPS M2 is chambered in 9mm and can be purchased alone or with an Crimson Trace laser affixed. The PPS M2 costs approximately $490-$510. SHOT Show: 7 Great Firearms for Concealed Carry, Home Defense | Breitbart

One of the new CCW pistols recommended is the Sig Sauer P365:

Sig Sauer_P365

Courtesy of Wiki Media user Digitally Made Sig Sauer P365

Sig Sauer P365–The air of the SHOT Show was abuzz over the introduction of the Sig Sauer P365. When we got to the Sig Sauer booth the pistol felt great in the hand, extremely balanced, and certainly compact enough for carrying 365 days a year. And the P365 brings a strong advantage over compacts of similar size in that it holds ten in the magazine plus one in the chamber, for 11 rounds. This is a round advantage of three over the Shield and of two over the PPS M2. The Sig Sauer P365 is chambered in 9mm and costs approximately $525. SHOT Show: 7 Great Firearms for Concealed Carry, Home Defense | Breitbart

As stated earlier, all of the home defense weapons are shot guns.  However, the shotguns featured are all new.  In fact, the listed shotguns are so new that they have not even been given a price yet.  Of the two featured shotguns, the UTAS UT15 Semi-automatic shotgun seems like a hell of a gun.  The UTAS shotgun seems magnificent. However, the article is not clear if the reviewer was able to see the real gun or if they just saw a movie or promo material.

UTAS UTS 15 Semiautomatic–UTAS is well know for its 15-round capacity UTS 15 pump shotgun, which is a tremendous tool for home defense. The gun has two tubular magazines fitted and offset above the barrel, each holding 7 rounds (with one in the chamber making a total of 15 rounds). At SHOT Show we were able to see the upcoming UTS 15 semiautomatic. It was like the 15 cosmetically, differing only in the fact that the action does not depend on a pump. Rather, the gun feeds itself a round every time a shell is fired. Very little information was available on the weapon, but it is certain to take home defense to a whole new level. SHOT Show: 7 Great Firearms for Concealed Carry, Home Defense | Breitbart

To see the rest of the article read more at  And, as always, do your own research before buying any of the recommended firearms.