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Recreational Vehicle-Self Sufficiency

   Off the Grid lifestyle via a RV

Off The Grid Living

Off The Grid Survival gives you an excellent starting point for living off the grid via a recreational vehicle. When it comes to self sufficiency many don’t think of RVs.  However, RVs are a great choice for those who either want to start living a nomadic, off the grid,  lifestyle or for forced self sufficiency during a SHTF scenario.    This article is the star of a series of articles that will start soon.  I especially like how they say they are going to feature real people who live off the grid in their RV.

From a 70-year old single woman who has lived alone in a van, a trailer, and an RV for the last 30 years to a family of five who travels North America raising their children in a 5th wheel RV, we are going to take a look at what its really like to live this unique off the grid lifestyle. OFFGRID Living in an RV: Living a Nomadic Lifestyle

Although the article series hasn’t yet started, it gives the reader few articles to read. Click the following link to read more at