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Seven Survival Uses For Pine Resin

The folks at Survival Life shares crucial benefits of pine resin or pine sap.  It’s surprising  how useful pine resin can be and if you are in the woods it’s abundant.  So, this is some great information.

It can be used to stop bleeding:

When you’re outdoors camping or in a survival situation, cutting accidents will always almost to happen. Pine resin can be applied directly over the wound to stem blood flow almost at once. The resin will also inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria because of its sticky nature which denies the bacteria the moisture it needs to survive. Just leave the resin in place until it dries out and then peel it out. The resin will close the wound up the same way stitching it up would. You may reapply resin as needed. 7 Survival Uses of Pine Resin You Need to Know | Survival Life

Pine Sap also can be used for waterproofing:

Heat the resin to liquid form and then apply it to the material you want to make impervious to water like the lower half of your hiking boots. You can also use resin to seal seams, repair holes in shoes, boats, or structures to prevent leaks. When heating the resin, use a deep container to keep the sap away from open flame. Pine resin can ignite easily. 7 Survival Uses of Pine Resin You Need to Know | Survival Life

Also, you can use it even to make a lamp

Pine resin can be used to make a lamp. Look for a stone with depression, a can, a clamshell, or anything which can be filled with resin. For a wick, use some twisted cloth. Fill the depression with the resin, lay the wick on top, and ignite the wick. The wick material will ignite the resin which will burn like a candle. Feed more resin to maintain the flame. 7 Survival Uses of Pine Resin You Need to Know | Survival Life

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