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Sewing For Preppers

SHTF Preparedness reminds the reader of the importance of the often overlooked prepper skill of sewing.  Granted, sewing is,

monicore / Pixabay

arguably, not what may would consider to be a “fun” prepper skills to practice.   Also, to many preppers, sewing is also considered to be feminine or women’s work.

However, learning to sew can be just as important as learning the traditional “Manly” survival skills. I.E. If the SHTF you can’t go to the local department store to repair a ripped coat.  That is why this article is must read.

This is a great article that will give you the information to build an essential kit for sewing and mending. The skills will still have to be learned and practiced but you can be sure that you will have a great skill under your belt.

Sewing & Mending Kit Essentials For Preppers (And Everyone Else!)