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New Jersey Gun Control Measures

If you can’t ban guns, price them out of most citizens price range.  That seems to be the new strategy for the anti-second amendment Second Amendementcrowd.   This is especially evident in New Jersey.  The recently elected New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy, has proposed several anti-gun proposals which, focus on increasing the price for permits and also raise the price for gun licensing.

Once such gun control measure would dramatically raise the cost of permits for the general public.

Handgun purchase permits, required by law to buy a firearm in the Garden State, would jump from $2 to $50. The mandatory firearms identification cards needed to own a gun or buy ammunition would increase from $5 to $100. Handgun carry permits, already notoriously hard to obtain in the state, would balloon from $50 to $400 — which would make them the highest in the country. For reference, the neighboring states of Delaware and Pennsylvania charge fees for carry licenses of $65 and $20, respectively. New Jersey could hike fees for buying guns by as much as 25-fold

Also, gun dealers license cost will also be increased.

Gun dealers would also be hit by the change, with the cost of retail gun dealer licenses rising 10-fold, from $50 to $500; and manufacturer licenses leaping from $150 to $1,500. By comparison, federal fees charged by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for gun dealer and pawnbroker licenses is $200 while manufacturer licenses are $150.

Of course this increase in gun licensing will be covered mostly by the gun owner.

What do you think? Should we be worried?