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SHTF First Aid

Making An Arm Sling

A great guide on an elementary first aid skill of making an arm sling.  It seems easy.  But, this photo is a great little illustration.

First Aid For Seizures

Obviously, if disaster strikes or if the SHTF you’ll not be able to go to your local emergency room.  Seizures, if not take cared of, can be especially dangerous. That is why the below image is a great reference.                                                                   First Aid for Seizures

Duct Tape First Aid

Duct Tape should be in every preppers bug out bag.   But, you may not know that Duct Tape is an excellent resource for a makeshift bandage.

Stuck on Survival: 25 Uses for Duct Tape

Snake Bite First Aid

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to snake bits.  But, if you’re bitten and can’t get to a doctor, this info could save you or a loved ones life.

Snake Venom