An Axe In The Forest

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng


This video, by Ray Mears, is a great introduction on the appropriate selection and the proper use of a survival axe. First of all, learning to use a survival axe is one of the most essential bushcraft survival skills. An axe is an all-purpose survival tool that can help you in a variety of situations. From building a fire to making shelter and ax is essential bushcraft equipment. However, selecting the proper axe and knowing how to use an axe can be daunting. This video solves this problem by giving a great intro on the uses and selection of your ax.


Some of the things that you’ll learn with this video are:

Types of Axes: You will learn about the different sizes of axes.

Newbie Axes: Mears will tell you the best axes for the novice pepper.

Purposes: You’ll learn about the various purposes of axes. For example, you’ll find out the best axe for kindling and the optimal axe for chopping a tree down.

Bushcraft Skills: The ability to start a fire can be the difference between life and death. And an axe is an essential tool for getting the fuel needed to build your fire. This video shows you how to best an ax for firewood and the proper way to make kindling.

Safety: As with any bushcraft gear, an ax if used in an unsafe manner can cause injuries. And injuries during a disaster can be the difference between life or death. This video shows you the proper safety techniques for using axes.