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All About Guido Camia’s Primitive Outdoor Courses

Do you want to learn how to be a modern cave man? Do you have a taste for bugs? If so, Guido Camia’s (“Camia”) outdoor survival course might be perfect for you. In Camia’s class, you’ll learn to eat edible insects, build a forest shelter, start a fire using only flintstones, and more. Keep on reading to find out more about Camia’s caveman training.

I have never attended any of Camia’s courses nor have I ever met him. Based upon the number of positive reviews, I am confident that Camia’s primitive outdoor courses are worth taking

Who is Guido Camia?

In 2019 I became acquainted with Camia, an Italian, former pastry chef after he was featured on numerous top publications like NPR, and NY Post. These articles told how the 39-year-old Camia became an expert in Caveman or Neanderthal survival methods. I wrote a short blog post in 2019 telling my blog readers about Camia. This short article though was only a blurb. As a result, I decided to do an update and tell you what I found out about Camia and his survival classes.


Although I am not sure of this, I believe that Camia has been teaching outdoor survival classes since 2014. This assumption is based upon numerous 2019 articles that mentioned that for the “past five years”, he has offered his survival lessons, on location in the Italian Alps.

Where Can You Find Him?

Camia seems to take his stone age survival quite seriously. Other than articles, Camia, and his courses are a mystery. For example, I was unable to find a website, Facebook page, etc. for Camia. In fact, I was only able to find his digital presence on a Youtube channel that I doubt is even his channel.

Through the FISSS website, I was though able to find this, non-tested The only contact information.


Reg. Tampasso, 5

12064 La Morra (CN)

Tel. 333-4020507

Course Offerings

Camia does not claim to be a Doomsday, survivalist prepper and he does not believe that a pending collapse of industrial society is imminent. According to Camia, he is simply a man who believes that we must learn to adapt to the changing environment. I.E., Learn to appreciate and acquire non-traditional food like grubs, crickets, etc. His courses do not entirely use stone age technology as he does use a few modern day technologies like fishing lines. But, you’ll learn outdoor survival techniques that only require the most basic equipment.

Class Differences

Camia offers two immersive, hands-on, primitive survival courses and a few seminar classes, which take place in the Italian Alps. The two courses that he offers is an advanced and basic course. Both the basic and advanced classes are weekend, overnight classes, where Camia’s customers sleep in a bivouac.

As Camia, has an extremely limited presence on the Internet, I was only able to find this information that detailed the differences between the basic and advanced courses. The difference between the Basic and Advanced classes is that with the advanced classes you will not be provided any food. So, in the advanced training sessions, if you do not find any food, you’ll go hungry.


Camia’s seminars are generally for school groups, families, and others who want to learn the basics of Neanderthal Survival. However, they either cannot or do not want to sleep in the woods.

Very Cheap

The weekend courses only cost around $100 dollars or approximately $88 euro. This is ridiculously cheap and most overnight outdoor survival courses, in the United States will cost you thousands of dollars.

Is Only the Italian Language Spoken?

Guido Camia is an Italian, and all articles that interviewed him stated that it was done through a translator. Therefore, it is possible that the classes are only taught in Italian. However, as Camia was trained and worked in New York as a patisserie chef, it is possible that he might offer courses in English. So, use the contact information I gave you to find out.

What Is Taught?

You likely know this already. But, Camia’s classes are all about living like a Neanderthal or a modern-day caveman. As a result, you’ll have to make do with basic equipment. So, as the caveman did not have any Zippo lighters, you also won’t be able to use your Zippo to start your campfire.

Concerning his lessons, I was not able to find any course syllabuses or other written information concerning what’s taught during the weekend. However, various articles gave a general overview of what his training entails.

Below is a sample of a few lessons that you’ll be taught

  • Primitive Fire Starting-Learn how to start your campfire by using just a flintstone.
  • Insects-Learn the best way to gather and prepare edible, grubs, crickets, etc. for food.
  • Shelter-Learn how to build a primitive, outdoor, forest shelter.
  • Survival Fishing-You’ll learn how to fish by using just a fishing line with a bone hook and cricket for the bait.
  • Cooking-Lean primitive methods on how to cook your meal in the outdoors.


According to Camia, his survival school is credited or approved by the Italian Federation of Sports and Experimental Survival-AKA Italys International Survival Federation. (“FISSS”) Per FISSS’s website, this organization was founded in 1986 to do the following:

  • Train-Train boaters and other survival experts.
  • Resource– A resource of various, screened, experts in such fields as survival first aid, self-defense, buschraft, etc.
  • Certification-Acts as an accreditation agency where they offer approval to boating and or outdoor survival experts and/or schools.

As I am from the United States, I never heard of FISSS before. However, I believe that it is likely a respected organization as they’ve been in business for over 30 years and various legitimate articles never mention that FISSS is controversial or illegitimate.

Camia’s listing, which stated he has been a member since 2017, can be accessed via this database.

Are There Any Equivalent Classes in the United States?

Most outdoor survival schools base their teaching on the assumption that you’ll have basic survival equipment. For example, you’ll have a lighter, hexamine tablets, or other ways to start a fire. This makes sense as whenever you go off-the-grid you should have at least the basic survival equipment.

However, there are a few schools that I found that do offer primitive or, at least offer classes that might be considered to be Neanderthal survival courses. This is a small sample and I haven’t attended any of these courses. But, if you can’t go to Italy, these courses could be an alternative.

One of these is Boss-Inc., which states that, during a class, modern-day survival equipment like a sleeping bag, backpack, stove, etc. are replaced by their lower-tech counterparts. (I.E., Instead of heating up your portable stove, you’ll have to make a campfire, and you’ll need to use your poncho for a tent.

Another course is the Maine Primitive Skills wilderness immersion programs where you’ll learn various outdoor survival lessons like nature awareness, tracking, foraging, and how to make primitive or Stone Age crafts.


Both BOSS-Inc and Main Primitive Survival School, especially when compared to Camia’s school, are very expensive. As an example, Boss-Inc, Primitive Living Intensive Class, which lasts for fourteen days, costs $3,265 and the Maine Primitive Sills Wilderness Immersion course will set you back $3,500 to $4,500.

Final Thoughts

As you should always be prepared; when hiking, fishing, hunting, etc., you should never be forced to live like a so-called modern day caveman or cavewoman. Camia’s primitive outdoor courses are though more than just learning how to fish like your stone-age ancestors. Camia’s ultimate goal is to get you to think like, the original survivalists-the caveman!

This makes sense, because cavemen as they were nomadic, had limited food storage opportunities. Because of their lack of storage, more often than not the caveman would have to find a new source of food every day. The caveman philosophy of needing to find food daily and that failure isn’t an option is an essential midset in outdoor survival.

Nonetheless, this class simply sounds like a fun and challenging experience! And at around $100 for a weekend (if you can speak Italian especially) this class cannot be beaten.