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Top Boot Knives

Backdoor Survival highlights some of the best boot knives for when the SHTF. This is a great article as boot best boot knifesknives are a great addition to your self-defense arsenal. However, boot knives are often overshadowed by the survival knife, EDC knife, and pocket knives.

First of all, depending upon the situation, in close-quarters combat, a knife can be more effective than even a pistol.

Even if you normally carry a firearm, it is good to have a knife on you for close combat or if you are disarmed. A knife is actually faster and more effective in some combat situations than a gun since it can be faster to pull and cut or slash than get a gun out. This is especially true if you don’t carry your gun with a round in the chamber and safety on. Best Boot Knives For SHTF | Backdoor Survival

A few of the brands that this article recommends are the trusted Buck Knives:

This is one of the more expensive knives on our list here but sometimes you get what you pay for and with Buck you know you are getting something that will stand up to a lot of use and not fail you. Best Boot Knives For SHTF | Backdoor Survival

Also, Smith and Wesson, doesn’t just manufacture guns as they also make knives:

Smith & Wesson makes a lot more than guns. While I have researched their tactical pens I am still learning a lot about their knives. This is a mean looking blade that offers a double-edged tapered point that is capable of a lot of damage.
Best Boot Knives For SHTF | Backdoor Survival

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Amazon’s Top Rated Boot Knife

The following boot knife, from SOG, is Amazon’s highest-rated boot knife and it also has over 800 reviews.

So, if you are interested . . .  take a look.