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The Deadly Philipino, Martial Art, Eskrima

Eskrima, also, called Arnis stick,  is arguably among the most practical martial arts as it teaches you how to use, ordinary, weapon.  Eskrima students are taught to use sticks, knives, other bladed weapons, and even improvised weapons.

Practical Self Defense

What I like about Arnis is that it teaches you how to use normal, every day, weapons like a knife or even a stick, which is great to know if you are caught off guard when the SHTF.  Also, fighting someone hand-to-hand is always a risk.  As a result, weapon self-defense training is very important because you don’t want to fight someone, without a weapon, unless it is absolutely necessary.  Additionally, using a weapon is an equalizer when it comes to defending yourself or your family from a physically, larger, or stronger attacker.

Eskrima Sticks

Eskrima Strikes

The graphic, borrowed from Pinterest, below shows the fifteen basic strikes for Eskrima.
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The following short video, from master Apolo Ladra, explains the theory behind Arnis.

Where Do I Go Next?

Please note, I do not have any first-hand knowledge concerning the quality of the online training at the American Arnis Association.  However, the website does offer some excellent information on Eskrima.    If you are interested in learning more about Eskrima (which, you should be) and taking lessons I would recommend that you look for a local Dojo that teaches Arnis.