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Outdoor Survival Myths: Just Because You See It on TV

(Or The Internet), Doesn’t Mean It is Real

Survival MythsWhether it is because of TV, the Internet or tradition, some myths won’t die. Sometimes these myths are basically harmless, I.E., Richard Gere’s gerbil rumor. But, many urban wives’ tales, especially outdoor survival myths, are potentially dangerous and can be deadly. This article from Backdoor Survival beautifully addresses these most common bushcraft, survival myths. Below are a few of the most common survival myths that will not die.

It Is Okay To Eat What Other Birds And Animals Eat

At first glance, this seems logical because it would seem that it would be all right to eat the berries and other plants that you see other animals eat.  However, this myth is very wrong, and also can be very deadly.

This one is a classic that I have heard time and time again…and also happens to be completely, dangerously incorrect. We don’t have the same digestive system as birds and rodents, so we can’t just watch them and then eat the same berries, mushrooms, and plants that they eat.

Pokeweed berries, for example, are poisonous to humans, but are a tasty treat for all kinds of birds. Mimic your flying friends by munching a bunch of these down, and you’ll be very sorry. The Most Dangerous Common Survival Myths | Backdoor Survival

Climb A Tree To Escape A Bear

This myth is a mainstay in old tv shows and movies. However, running from a bear, that you’ve encountered, is the worst thing that you can do. You should only run away from a bear if you feel you can reasonably get to shelter or other safe areas. Otherwise, running gives a signal to the bear that you are prey.

But by running, you activate its predator instinct, ensuring a fight, and since bears are excellent tree climbers, you won’t be even remotely safe by scaling a nearby tree to escape. The Most Dangerous Common Survival Myths | Backdoor Survival

Also, bears are great tree climbers. So, even if you do get into a tree, you will not last long.


Backdoor Survival has 13 more dangerous myths and, to be honest, I believed in many of these before reading this article. So, do yourself a favor and find out what, Backdoor Survival thinks are the other 13 dangerous and potentially deadly survival myths.  Read more at