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Top 10 Most Popular Survivalist_Prepper

     The following is a list of the top survivalist blogs and/or prepper blogs. The quality is based on their ratings. Alexa is an subsidiary that provides commercial web traffic data. I realize that website traffic doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Nevertheless, these are good websites Prepper/Survivalist websites.

  1. is a slick well-done mainstream site. It has a lot of varied information. For example, you can find great articles concerning outdoor’s survival skills, reviews of survival gear and food storage. It also goes into self-sufficiency. This blog though is definitely, a for profit entity as they try to sell you a multitude of stuff. Overall: Good site and great info. As a result, many readers may feel that it is a little too polished for its own good.
  2. is a great forum site for hooking up with other fellow prepper/survivalists. It has a ton of pertinent info. At this site, you can find information ranging from water treatment to gardening. At the same thought, the information at this site is not vented. So, caveat emptor would be wise. And of course it can be tough to find good info. Nevertheless, in general for a forum, this is an awesome site, and it is recommended. Overall: This is a great forum site. As long as you realize that you may have to dig for some nuggets you should not be disappointed.
  3. is a good site and has a lot of useful info. It seems to be a labor of love. There are some great articles concerning survivalist info, prepping and self-sufficiency. This site also has a weekly biblical scripture post that can help inspire you and help you keep things under perspective. Overall: Good, non flashy site, with great information.
  4. site is a slick site that seems to be designed in the same fashion as It has a good mix of information. Also, along with survival tips and product reviews, this site tends to delve into politics. Also, this site doesn’t seem to be as commercialized as Survival Life. Overall: It is a well-made site with some important information. Furthermore, if you are into politics, you may find some good info.
  5. is a rough looking site. This is not necessarily bad as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Overall, there is some great information here that is told from the Christian viewpoint. He describes himself as a Constitutional Christian Libertarian. So, the articles are based upon a libertarian political philosophy. There is some great info on dealing with police officers and economics.Overall: It is a good site. Nevertheless, it may be too political for some readers.