Bark River Knives Review: Outstanding knives, affordable prices, and superior customer service.

     The Bark River Knife has distinguished itself over the years as a maker and seller of

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Courtesy of Bark River Knives

knives that excel at reliability, dependability, versatility, and outstanding capability in the field. Those are characteristics that knife owners treasure – and in some cases, their livelihoods – and even they lives – depend on it. And for camping, hunting, fishing, and bushcraft survival you’ll need a bushcraft knife that you know that you can count on to get the job done. A survival knife needs to cut with authority, time and time again, and keep a sharp edge that is easy to touch-up. The best bushcraft knives should last for years and years. A good knife, as long as you provide minimum care and maintenance, should stay consistently sharp and be rugged enough to withstand harsh tasks like hammering. But in this day and age, it can be hard to find knives that live up to that kind of standard.

     Fortunately, the Bark River Knives brand still strives to uphold a great, highly-respected reputation, and the company’s team of experts continues to make knives that earn high marks, across the board. The knives aren’t cheap. But, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and the bark river knives are thought by some to be the best survival knife for the money.

     Bark River is a family owned American company. Plus, Bark River is one of the few leading producers of knives that still makes products in the USA, despite the trend of so many businesses to ship their facilities, jobs, and quality control processes overseas. That makes a huge difference because too many knives come from places like China, India, or Pakistan that are notorious for poor quality materials and artistry. Bark River Knives is sticking to what it knows best, though, and is still a Michigan-based and family-owned enterprise. For many years Bark River Knives has staked its reputation on a philosophy that the customer comes first and customer service and product excellence is a matter of family pride. The result is that Bark River Knives have earned respect and loyalty of knife purchasers, users, and collectors who demand top quality, expect rigorous attention to detail and appreciate innovative blade technology combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Bark River Knives Boast Hands-On Quality

     No matter what kind of knife Bark River makes, it still makes them one knife at a time – the old-fashioned way. Every one of the knives that Bark River sells, for example, comes with a blade and handle that are both painstakingly hand-finished – which ensures that every Bark River Knife is genuinely unique and authentic. Each Bark River Knife is additionally supplied with its handmade sheath that is ideally designed for a perfect fit. That is critical for the ultimate protection of the knife, and also for the security of the knife so it never accidentally falls or gets lost when you wear it across rough terrain or in an urban environment on a daily basis. A nicely-fitted sheath is, of course, also essential to the user security and safety of its user, because a knife that isn’t confidently sheathed can become an unwanted hazard. Bark River leather sheaths are vegetable-tanned, come in a variety of colors, and some are also tooled with intricately detailed designs for a distinct appearance. That kind of hands-on craftsmanship is rare in this day and age, because many of today’s knife manufacturers instead turn out high volumes of inferior quality products, flooding the market with cheaply made knives. Unfortunately, many of those products still have hefty price tags that are hard to justify for people who know about knives and want the best that their hard-earned money can buy.

Bark River Knives are Durable, Ergonomic, and Versatile

     Bark River Knives use top-notch steels and hardening processes to ensure that each knife has a razor-sharp edge that lasts and is easy to maintain with minimal effort. These materials include innovative steels such as CPM M4 and 3V – which are known for holding their edge and also exhibiting extreme hardness on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. Then each knife blade undergoes thorough and expert heat treatment to extend longevity and toughness. The scales on Bark River Knife handles are made from a variety of handsome and long lasting materials, too – such as naturally and organically attractive burl woods or smooth, gorgeous, black micarta. Not only do Bark River knives look great, but they have instantly-noticeable balance and a solid, confident feel in hand for the kind of ergonomics that make a knife seem like an extension of your body.

Bark River Offers a Wide Inventory of High-Performance Knives

The blades come in every shape and grind that a customer could need, too. Bark River offers everything from wide-belly skinning knives and small, compact everyday carry folders to large bush knives based on traditional African and Asian styles. Choose convex grinds; Scandi grinds, chef’s knives, or adaptable survival knives made for life in the wild. Customers of Bark River have used these knives for all kinds of applications, including bushcraft, search and rescue, hunting, carving, and EDC knives (“Everyday Carry).

     All Bark River knives, as well as Bark River axes, also come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. But if you experience any problem with your Bark River product, all you have to do is return. The folks at Bark River Knives will be glad to repair it, and the team of experienced experts can also re-sharpen, refurbish, or customize your knife for you. That’s true whether you have Bark River kitchen knives, a Bark River hunting or fishing knife, or a knife that’s based on historical designs or created as part of the Bark River Limited Edition Series.
Anyone who wants to buy a candidate for some of the best bushcraft knives will not go wrong by buying  Bark River Knives. The knives are a good investment for today and have the kind of quality and prestige behind them to offer the potential for them to become collectibles – whether you want a knife to pass along to a family member or to beautify your knife display showcase. Also, most important of all, when the SHTF the Bark River knife will not let you down.

Below are reviews of the most popular Bark River Knives-

Bark River Bravo I Review

Overall Weight: 7.375 ounces
Overall Length: 9.065 inches or 23.03 centimeters
Length of Blade: 4.25 inches or 10.79 centimeters
Blade Steel: CPM 3V, A-2, S35VN
Steel Girth or Thickness: .215 inches or 5.5 millimeter
Steel Composition: 59RC

The Bravo I was designed to be used for U.S. Marine Corp Reconnaissance. Bark River was given the contract in 2006, and they started delivering the Bravo I in 2007. In 2006 Marine Reconnaissance instructors purchased several knives online and put them to the test. The Marines used the Gameskeeper knife for their tests. According to Bark River, every knife, from the various knife companies, was vigorously tested and only two blades passed the tests. It is said that the Gameskeeper was one of only two other survival knifes that, after being examined, remained undamaged. After the Gameskeeper was tested, the Corp called Bark River and requested that the Gameskeeper be redesigned according to the Marines specifications. The present-day Bravo I is essentially Marine Corp Reconnaissance’s perfect weapon.

Some of the additions requested and added to the Bravo I were the following:

  • Edges-The edges are all the way to the front of the handle slabs.
  • Balance-The knifes balance was significantly improved.
  • Handle-handle slabs of the knife are bolted through the blade and also the handle is epoxied.
  • Durability- You cannot remove the handle as the screw slot handles are sanded down.

Bark River Bravo II Review

Overall Weight: 14.7 ounces
Overall Length: 12.26 inches or 31.14 centimeters
Length of Blade: 7 inches or 17.78 centimeters
Blade Steel: CPM 3V, A-2, or CPM S35VN
Steel Girth or Thickness: .235 inches or 5.97 millimeter
Steel Composition: 58RC

The Bravo II knife is Bravo I on steroids. This Knife was made for combat and is often used together with a tactical shotgun. Even though it is large, the Bravo II is surprisingly compact and can be carried easily. This knife also features a contoured style handle; so, for a knife of its size, it is handles easily.

Bark River Essential Review

Overall Weight: 4.7 ounces
Overall Length: 6.2 inches or 15.75 centimeters
Length of Blade: 2.7 inches or 6.86 centimeters
Steel Girth or Thickness: .141 inches or 3.58 millimeters
Steel Composition: CPM M-4
Blade Hardness: 63-64RC

The Bark River Essential is every day carry (”EDC”), multi-purpose knife. This knife was specifically designed for ease of use, comfort, and to be an excellent cutter. This knife’s blade is short and stout; which, makes it great for slicing and the curvature of the blade was manufactured to resemble a human arm. This relatively small knife performs like a knife that is twice its size. Also, the Bark River Essential features extremely durable CPM, M-4 steel.

Bark River Fox River II Review

Knife Weight: 7.65 ounces
Knife Length: 9.675 inches or 24.57 centimeters
Length of Blade: 5.00 inches or 12.70 centimeters
Steel Composition: A-2
Steel Girth or Thickness: .170 inches or 4.32 millimeters
Blade Hardness: 58-60RC

The Fox River II is Bark Rivers number one hunting knife and was designed for hunters who desire a longer blade and this five-inch blade is said to be the ideal length for hunting, camping and general pack out. Also, the Fox River II features a more extensive and longer knife handle; which, results in the longer blade being perfectly balanced.

Bark River Necker Review

Knife Weight: 2.35 ounces
Knife Length: 6.25 inches or 15.88 centimeters
Length of Blade: 2.5 inches or 6.35 centimeters
Steel Composition: CPM 3V
Steel Girth or Thickness: .130 inches or 3.30 millimeters
Blade Hardness: 60RC

This Bravo Necker knife is essentially an extremely compact Bravo knife. This knife is both used as both an EDC knife and for in the field. The scale handles for the Bravo Necker knife series are detachable and interchangeable with either the Necker I or the Necker II knife. The CPM 3V is noted for the knife edge is very stable and is noted for holding its edge.

Bark River Mini Fox River Review

Knife Weight: 2.35 oz
Knife Length: 2.9 inches or 7.37 centimeters
Length of Blade: 2.5 inches or 6.35 centimeter
Steel Composition:CPM 3V, A-2, and CPM S35VN
Steel Girth or Thickness: .150 inches or 3.81 millimeters
Blade Hardness: 58RC

The Mini Fox River can be used as both an EDC and for the field. One advantage of this knife is that its small size allows you to legally carry it on you when you are out in the public. Also, this knife has an ample handle. So, the Mini Fox River is both comfortable and safe. This knife is useful for both detailed work and also hard use.
This knife comes with an option for A2, CPM 3v, and S35VN steel.