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Bug Out Bag Or 72 Hour Kit Ideas

Not all bug out bags lists are the same as not people have different needs.  For example, a pet owners72-hour kit, needs, will differ from a family with small children.  That is why these various infographics are excellent guides for building the ultimate bug out bag for your particular situation.

A Great Bug Out Bag Info Graph

This infograph from Apartment Prepper is an ultimate list for setting up 72 hr. kit for both home and your car.

Bug Out Bag Checklist: What are the Most Important Items


Emergency Food Supply- Survival Fishing

Carrying a fishing rod with you if not impossible is very inconvenient .  Fishing rods can be ungainly and can break easily.  So, this mini survival fishing kit is a great find.

5 DIY Survival Fishing Kits

Prepping For Fido

The post below leads to a handy article for packing your bug out bag for your dog.

Canine Bug Out Bag

10 Essential Items You Should Have In Your Bug Out Bag

All of these items are absolute essentials.  Check below for details.                                           Top 10 Bug Out Bag List Emergency Essentials You Don’t Want To Be Without

Glow Sticks?

Who would have thought glow sticks would have a use for your survival kit?

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Something For the Kiddos

During disaster your children will likely be scared, bored or both.  So, including toys is a great way to keep your kids occupied and when your children are occupied they’ll be less likely to be scared.

                                                                                          72 Hour Emergency Kits

An Excellent Guide For A Literal Bug Out Bag

Most survival sites give great information on what types of survival supplies you should have stored if the SHTF.  However, many lists are for either when you are able to stay put in your house or are able to escape by car.  So, what if you have neither a car or you are either not home or your house was destroyed?  That’s why the below infograph is so valuable. Pinned By Jennifer Thrasher

I hope this list of bug out bag tips give you a great starting point to assembling your 72 hour kit or making improvements on what you already have.

Which idea do you like the best?