Photo courtesy of Guns America

Guns America gives the reader a sneak preview of a compact, .380 caliber pistol, that’s approximately the size of an I phone. This pistol, from is a two shot, derringer, that is made for close up self defense.  Overall, based upon the review it seems like this weapon accomplishes it’s purpose.

Size-wise, as you’ll see in the photo below, it is about as big as a larger iPhone.  Carr

ying it concealed on or off body would be no problem at all.  It slides right into a front or back jeans’ pocket.  And you can easily put it into a bag or backpack or glove compartment — wherever. First Impressions of the Ideal Conceal Cell Phone Pistol – GunsAmerica Digest

A caveat though Guns America was not given the final version.  But, Ideal Conceal projects the final gun to be realeased around June, 2018.  For the full review . . . read more at