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Ultimate Nonlethal Self Defense Guide1-2

 Crimes such as robberies, rapes and aggravated assaults are almost everywhere and can occur when least expected.  Although you may prefer to carry firearms as means of protection, particularly if your life is in danger, this can be a challenge, if you live in a area where licenses to carry guns are hard to come buy or unavailable.  In addition, even if you have the license, what can you do in places where carrying a gun is not permitted such as public buildings, movie theaters, and many malls?  A non lethal self defense weapon seems to be the best choice.  These products are effective also for a home defense weapon and when you are traveling. And, you need to check your local laws,  it may be legal to carry them without any special permit. Knowing the best of these weapons to carry, how to use them, the legality of owning one based on where you live, and their effects on the attacker remain mandatory.  The following points present the most popular Non Lethal Self Defense weapons and their usage.

 Stun Guns

     A stun gun is a battery-powered and hand-held electrical self-defense device used to immobilize the assailant when you touch him/her with its prongs. It uses high voltage and low amperage enough to make the attack inactive for you to call for help, but does not inflict any serious injuries.

     When you activate and touch the attacker with this device, the high electric voltage passes through his or her body causing the muscles to work very rapidly than they should. These high frequencies use all the blood sugar by converting it to lactic energy within very few seconds, and so the attacker has no energy to harm you. The result is pain, disorientation, loss of balance, and a passive and confusion state that can last for about ten minutes. It is best to hold the stun gun on the assailant for not less than two seconds. A second might not cause the intended mental confusion and disorientation but mere muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. The attacker may still have the energy to continue the attack on you.  The best option is to hold the stun gun until he or she drops.

     There is no shock effect on you even if you stand in water, you or the attacker is wet, or you hold the attacker with the other hand while using this device. One advantage of a stun gun is that it emits an arc and crackling sound when activated, that can make your attacker fear and run away before attacking you.

Pepper Spray

     Pepper spray is very easy to use, comes in aerosol containers, and the best pepper spray is comprised of Oleoresin Capsicum (the hottest peppers in the world). When combines with an emollient, it creates a mist, gel, or spray very irritating if it makes contact with most body parts. If you spray pepper spray on your attacker’s face, it will immediately irritate his or her eyes, skin, and the upper respiratory tract mucous membranes.  Its effects are very powerful, and the attacker might stay for about 20 minutes before he/she can open his or her eyes.

Best Pepper Spray

Good Times in the USMC

     Pepper spray is the most efficient irritant spray in use today, very portable, and you can disable an assailant from as far as 15 feet away. You can also use it at a distance more than once, particularly if you are fighting off multiple attackers or when you miss the first time. Although its impact is intense, this exposure has no lasting effects and is expected to wear off completely after a few hours. This property makes pepper spray very popular and effective form of non lethal self defense.

     However, be careful when using this spray since it may blow back to you, particularly when spraying against the wind. In addition, pepper spray may not be so effective on attackers who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.



The Taser

Tasers are small battery-operated electric handheld devices for self-defense. They use low voltage and cartridges containing inert and compressed nitrogen gas to project a pair of darts attached to insulated wires. When shooting, these barbed probes (or darts) can penetrate up to about two cumulative inches of clothing. The range of this device is about six meters or 20 feet, but it depends on power source charge and the length of the wires.

     Tasers work by immobilizing the assailant through disrupting voluntary control of muscles and causing neuromuscular incapacitation.  Pressing the trigger provides a five-second electrical cycle charge and can be repeated or extended if the result of incapacitation does not seem to take the intended effect. The result is an attacker falling onto the ground, giving you an ample time to run away.  Individuals who are weak or disabled can also use tasers comfortably as long as they are in a fair distance and can aim perfectly.

Other Non lethal Weapon



A Braided Paracord Kubotan

   They are self defense weapons designed to be used against and soft tissues, bones and nerve points.  They work by increasing the power of any strike causing extreme pain and temporary paralysis.  Good regions and targets include stomach, ankle, arm, collarbone, groin, shin, kneecap, and throat.  They are very effective and their blow can easily break body bones, making the attacker stop his/action and escape with injuries.

Personal Alarms

     Technically   personal alarm is not considered a weapon. But, an alarm can be a great way to defend yourself from an attacker.  These are electric devices designed to emit an extremely loud sound during a bad situation to draw attention.  They are very portable, making them easy to put them in your pocket or on your belt.

Ninja Caltrops

     They  are made up of  a metallic surface with two or more sharp points that jut out. When they are thrown one of these sharp points always are upward. You can use them to defend yourself when chased by an assailant either by foot or in a car.  Just throw a handful of caltrops behind you. Their sharp points will easily go through your assailant’s shoe or puncture car tires.

The Caltrop