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Winter Survival 101-Part 1

This is a recap of winter survival infographics.  The information here is too valuable to ignore. So, I felt it was best to post these again.  These infographics are, by nature, not an exhaustive source.  As a result, if needed look research, here or elsewhere

Windchill Factor

This is a great reminder of how heavy, cold winds, can be your downfall. So, when going outside in the cold, make sure to check not only the temperature. But, also how windy it is.

Wind Chill Factor Explained

Hypothermia Signs

All skiers, snowboarders, hunters, fishers, and pretty much anyone who lives in a cold climate should know about the signs of hypothermia.  Also, as hypothermia can cause confusion, you need to look out and see if anyone with you is suffering from early or advanced hypothermia.

Hypothermia Symptoms

ICE Safety

First of all, if in doubt, don’t cross Ice.  But, if you have to cross-ice, this chart is a good place for you to learn the best practices on how to safely travel over ice.

ICE Thickness

Frostbite Prevention

You should know this already. But if you don’t follow the below advice.  And, if you do already know about, the benefits of clothing layers, this is a great reminder.  The second infographic is a bit more descriptive as it deals with chilly to extremely cold weather.



Cold Weather Dressing