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Nine Essential Winter Travel Tips

1. Winter Weather Forecasts

Listening to weather forecasts can be confusing. But, to ensure that you and your family members travel safe, it is s essential that you know at least basic weather definitions. So, if you don’t have to go on a road trip, go another time when a blizzard, snow squall, freezing rain is not present.

Winter Weather Forecasts

2.  Windchill Factor

Not taking windchill into account can be deadly as wind can make a brisk temperature into a bone-chilling experience. The chart below says it all how heavy wind can cause hypothermia.

Wind Chill Factor Explained


3.  Road Safety Winter Travel Tips

This infographic has tips, which are honestly common sense.  However, myself included, sometimes when we are in a hurry, common sense goes out the window. I would also add that you should tell friends, family the route that you are traveling. So, if something happens, it would be easier for you to be found.

Winter Travel Safety

4.  Car Emergency Supply Kit

Winter weather is unpredictable as you cannot predict whether a good day will turn into an unrelenting storm. So, as the Boy Scouts say, be prepared. This means you need to have all of the following, in your car, listed on the picture below.   One point that I would add is to always keep your cell phone charging as a cell phone charger is useless if your car is not running.

Automobile Emergency Supply Kit

5. What Is Freezing Rain?

This is excellent info concerning “What exactly freezing rain is?”Freezing rain is not usually mentioned as much as other winter weather conditions. However, freezing rain, because of it being hidden (unlike snow) is often ignored. As a result, in my opinion, because of freezing rains hidden nature, it is more dangerous than driving than in average snowfall.


Hypothermia Symptoms

6.  Snow Squall

A snow squall occurs when wind gusts up to 40 hours are combined with snow. When driving, this is a deadly combination. So, get off the road if possible and wait it out. (FYI-this why a car emergency supply kit is necessary). However, if you can’t wait it out, drive slowly, don’t tailgate, and pull over if possible.

What is a snow squall?

7.  Ice Thickness Cheat Sheet

If you are enjoying the great outdoors, you may encounter icy lakes or other bodies of water that you want to travel over.  This chart is a great guide to help you travel on ice safely. However, the number one rule is that if in doubt stay off the Fu*%&# Ice!!!

ICE Thickness

8.  Frostbite Prevention

Prevention is the best medicine. So, if you are going to go out in cold, freezing, weather wear layers of clothing. This infograph helps relay this essential tip visually.

freezing rain

9.  Hypothermia Warning Signs

Hypothermia is definitely a killer and can be especially tough to self diagnose. The following infographic demonstrates the five most common signs for hypothermia. What is especially troubling about hypothermia is that three of these symptoms cannot be self-diagnosed. I.E., It is likely that you will be unable to self-diagnosed confusion. So, get someone to a Doctor ASAP if they are experiencing the below, hypothermia symptoms. If that is not possible, get them out of the cold and warmed up.Hypothermia Symptoms