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So, you’re feeling sorry for yourself?  And you have a ton of excused on why you can not

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regularly exercise.  You have too many injuries, out of shape, not enough time are some of the excuses that you may have on why you can’t work out.  After viewing this video, all of your excuses will have been eliminated.   The video and article below is about Joey Bozik, a triple-amputee Iraq War veteran:

Joey Bozik is showing the martial arts community there are no excuses. The triple amputee competes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art similar to wrestling but with submission attacks. 

Bozik, a 36-year-old retired Army sergeant from McKinney, has amputated legs, one longer than the other, and an amputated arm. His other arm has about 70 percent of its capability. Credits: Triple amputee wounded in Iraq attacks disability by competing in Brazilian … – My MMA (registration)

My advice is to read the article, watch the video and remember Bozik’s life when you are feeling sorry about any little nagging injuries that you may have.