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Twitter, Social Media Round Up

There may be a gun rights friendly occupant in the white house.  But, you should not become complacent if you are a second amendment advocate.   Little by little the gun grabbers are encroaching on the right to bear arms with the “Death By A Thousand Cuts” strategy.   If we give an inch, they’ll take a mile. So, we must remain ever diligent.

Below is a listing of a few warning shots taken by the gun grabbers.

Bullet Control

One of Chris Rock’s most famous comedy routines was about “bullet control.”  I’ve included Rock’s famous routing below.  But, if you don’t want to listen to it, the gist of his joke is that we don’t need gun control, we need “bullet control” by charging 5k a bullet.

Chris Rock is a comedian, he’s telling a joke and comedy is subjective.  As a result, the concept of “Bullet Control” should not be taken seriously.  However, “Bullet Control” is a new, gun control strategy that could be very effective.  Gun grabbers aren’t yet, trying to charge $5,000 a bullet.  However, they are trying to track and regulate the sell of ammunition.  If I am lawfully able to purchase firearms, nanny government does not need to know where and how much ammo I have. This just and effort by anti second amendment politicians to harass, law abiding, gun owners and firearms dealers.    Not so surprising, California is at the forefront of this effort and if they are successful, other liberal states will be sure to follow.







Corporations Are Now Taking Sides With the Gun Grabbers

Levi Straus was once an iconic symbol of American exceptionalism and the wild west.  When people think of Levi Jeans, they feel about the gold rush, cowboys and hard working Americans.  Levi has made its mark by selling durable, clothing to the working class.
That is why it is shocking and sad to hear, from the NRA,  that Levi teamed up with anti-gun crusader Michael Bloomberg.  Also, Levi is not alone as other companies have also joined forces with the anti-second amendment crow.   Levi’s partnership along with other companies, with anti-gun lobby,  is alarming because corporations have money and money is power and Levi may use their power to try to influence politicians to enact useless gun control measures.






Government Propaganda

Please  note, this study was done by NPR, and NPR has never been accused of being conservative.  So, gun grabbers cannot say that 2nd amendment activists sewed the results. Obviously,  School shooting are abhorrent.  So, it is especially troubling that the Department of Education would take advantage of school shootings to enforce their agenda.

A So-Called “Assault Weapon Ban” Petition Is Being Promoted In Florida

Florida, is known as being friendly toward the right to bear arms.  However, anti-gun groups, taking advantage of the Parkland shooting,  are attempting to get an assault weapon ban on ballot via petition.  If this gets approved, in conservative Florida, you can expect it to spread in other states.   Don’t they understand that the right to bear arms cannot be infringed upon!






Never Let A Tragedy Go to Waist

Anti-gun groups are placing, 3-D printer made, statutes that depict gun violence.  This is disturbing and shows that the gun grabbers will go to any means to spread propaganda.  Also, these statutes are being placed in areas that have been subject to active shootings like Parkland, Florida and Las Vegas.   This is troubling as this could result in PTSD for shooting victims.