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How To Buy A Used Pistol Without Being Ripped Off

Many preppers cannot afford a new top of the line handgun.  So, they settle for a lesser gun.  However, if you know what you are doing, you can purchase a used pistol that is as good as a new without settling.   But, if you are a novice gun owner, it can be intimidating buying a used handgun. That is why this guide to purchasing used handguns by Survival Blog is so valuable.

Survivor Blog’s article is a step-by-step guide on what to look for when purchasing used pistols.  Here, are a few recommended tips.


First Things First

You must first look at the overall condition of the weapon, and if it fails this test, you should look elsewhere.  Look for pistols that don’t have the following conditions.

One of the first things I look at is the overall condition of the gun. If it has pitted metal, I know it hasn’t been properly cared for. I can live with a little surface rust or patina, but deep pits in the metal, well, that’s a “no-go” for me. Tips On Buying Used Handguns, by Pat Cascio –

Check The Muzzle

A worn muzzle could be a sign of a gun that could shoot inaccurately.  So, you need to inspect the pistol’s muzzle.

I check the muzzle end of any handguns I’m considering buying. If they are all rough, that means that the gun may not shoot very accurately. Tips On Buying Used Handguns, by Pat Cascio –

Semi-Automatic Considerations

Their are also special consideration that need to be looked at if you are looking to buy a semi-auto handgun

When it comes to semi-auto handguns, I check some other things. Of course, I check to see how much “play” is between the slide/frame/barrel. This is really important on a good ol’ 1911. If the gun rattles when you shake it, odds are that the accuracy isn’t going to be what you expect.

I also press down on the barrel’s hood. If it goes down a little too much, the barrel might need to be replaced, or a new barrel link pin is in order. Tips On Buying Used Handguns, by Pat Cascio –

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This article has some great insights into the novice gun buyer.  Personally, as I am not mechanically inclined, I don’t want to purchase a project pistol. I want any handgun that I buy to be ready on day one.  So, I appreciate this article and would especially recommend novice gun buyer to read Survival Blog’s guide for purchasing used handguns.