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This is a simple YouTube video showcasing vertical gardening.  Vertical gardening or square space gardening is a great solution for the urban prepper who wants to grow their own food.   With just a small patio you can grow your own vegetable for your long term food storage needs.  This isn’t an all encompassing DIY video.  However, it’s a great introduction.

Master Gardener and Certified Professional Horticulturist Shelley McNeal shows off her vertical garden, an alternative way to grow your own food.Learn more:… The University of Maryland Extension Home and Garden Information Center’s mission is to develop and deliver science-based, sustainable gardening information and solutions through outreach education for better human and environmental health. Explore our extensive gardening content online. us your plant and pest questions. Our Certified Professional Horticulturists are ready to help!…Read our Maryland Grows Blog Vertical Gardening – YouTube