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Whether you like it or not or don’t even care, the prepper community is often, to put it diplomatically, not thought of well in society.

Disaster prep

erikharberg / Pixabay

Many people only seem to believe that preppers are either anti-social, psychopaths (“Unabomber”), or tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.    However, the prepper community has much diversity as America’s wealthiest are not taking disaster prep for when the SHTF seriously.

The moderately rich are buying into “Survival Communities.”

For the moderately rich, high dollar “survival communities” have begun springing up all over the country — often in converted missile silos or other kinds of underground bunkers. Depending on your community of choice, you can find all the amenities of modern living deep beneath the earth’s surface, and even a few you may not have — like a personal movie theater or indoor swimming pool. Some of these bunker-condos can go for millions of dollars, which is a pretty steep price to pay for a summer home you hope you’ll never need to visit, but it’s important to consider the scale of wealth when dismissing the idea. If you’re worth billions, a measly million dollars may be a small price to pay for peace of mind. Not the ‘preppers’ you see on TV: America’s wealthy take ‘prepping’ seriously | SOFREP

And the filthy rich are buying land and prepping for disaster.  For example, a former Facebook executive has his out SHTF get-a-way.

Martínez purchased a large plot of land in the Pacific Northwest, and while he hasn’t revealed the extent of his preparations, he acknowledges that it is well equipped with solar and diesel generators, survival equipment, and all the firepower he believes he’d need to defend his stake. Not the ‘preppers’ you see on TV: America’s wealthy take ‘prepping’ seriously | SOFREP

So, the next time people say you are crazy for prepping for disaster just give them the links to this story.