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If you love the outdoors  learning outdoor survival skills is something that every responsible person needs to do. Granted, even though the chances of being placed in a real life survival situation may be remote it’s important that you prepare for just such a scenario. It’s much better to spend time preparing now, than finding yourself in need of survival skills and not having them.  The average urban dweller who finds  themselves trapped in a survival situation are completely unprepared and have no idea of what to do.  As a result of this they’re dependent upon others with only real hope of survival is rescue.

Survival Training As a general rule of thumb you should learn a wide range of outdoor survival skills so that you will be well prepared when disaster strikes. And be sure to spend extra time learning skills that are pertinent for the part of the world you live in. You should also learn skills related to any areas you might be visiting on a trip as disasters can happen anywhere any an time.

When it comes to outdoor survival there are a few basic concepts that you need to master.  First you need to learn how to make a fire.  A fire can keep you warm in cold climates, can help you to process water to make it safe to drink, provides you light at night, and will also help to keep unwanted animals away. Learning primitive fire making techniques can be a major challenge, but it is worth at least trying. As a precaution it’s always a good idea to carry a lighter or preferably a flint striker whenever you are out an about.  In addition to learning about fire making you should also study different shelter making techniques. Finding a way to get out of the elements is a necessity in both hot and cold climates. Finally you need to learn about how to find viable food sources. This means taking the time to learn about wild edible plants as well as learning how to fish, set traps, and improvise hunting tools. While this might all seem like a lot of work, the truth is that it could save your life. Learning outdoor survival skills takes a commitment on your part, but it is a commitment that is well worth making.

The good thing about outdoor survival is that you can learn a lot of the basics in with not much effort.  So, if you have little to no experience in outdoor survival then you need to start now.  However, learning the basics isn’t enough.  You need to prepare yourself under the assumption that there will come a day that you need to put your skills to use. Try to imagine what it would be like if you found yourself stranded and alone in the wilderness with nothing but your skills and intelligence to keep you alive. In this type of scenario it should become obvious that taking the time to learn outdoor survival skills is an investment that will definitely pay off.  So, if you’re into any kind of outdoor activity you need to at least learn basic outdoor survival techniques now and not tomorrow.