Month: November 2017

DIY Square Foot Gardening In 10 Steps

Living in the city does not mean that you can’t enjoy homegrown vegetables and that, for your long term food supplies, you’re limited to MRE’s.   With square foot gardening you can grown homegrown vegetables in as little as four square feet. This is called square foot gardening. The below article, in 10 easy steps, guides you on growing your own square foot, suburban, garden. How to Build Your Own Square Foot Garden in 10 Easy Steps | Mark’s Daily Apple...

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Should Fish Antibiotics Be In Your Survival Kit?

Of course, you know about the basics that are in a first aid kit: bandages, antiseptic, gauze, etc. But, what should you do if the SHTF, you have an infection and you can’t get to a doctor? One solution could be to use fish antibiotics to help cure infections.  This  is a great overview on all you should know on how to safely use fish antibiotics.  For more info on this click below. Fish Antibiotics for Humans: Everything You Want to Know Fish antibiotics are commonly sold in human doses and available without a prescription. But are they safe and effective for humans?...

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